Lesson 5                                                                                               

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Tripleclicks is an online store which is home to thousands of great products at bargain prices. The products on offer cover many categories such as arts and craft, books, business, computers, digital downloads, home and garden, education, electronics and many more. What makes Tripleclicks unique is that it sells products that you are most unlikely to find elsewhere. The reason for this is that it gives all unknown companies and individuals the opportunity to sell their product online. People can also use the website to sell unwanted items from their own home and make money.

In this lesson I am going to teach you how to get started with Tripleclicks. Log into the Tripleclicks Websitewith your SFI (or Tripleclicks if you are not a member of SFI) ID and password and you will see a similar screenshot to the one below.

The home page gives you the latest information at a glance such as items on offer at the auction and the deal of the day. You can also access the latest Hot Deals and Closeouts where ECAs (Vendors) offer their products at a large discount for a few days. The green menu bar at the top will allow you to navigate to various sections of the website by clicking on the green links, and you can search for any items you are looking for in the search box underneath the links.

In the top left hand corner you get general information about your account such as the number of TCredits and MRP (Member Reward Points) that you have. Clicking on the “DEALS” link will inform you of the latest deals on offer as you will have guessed. There are three small sections of interest which are MUSIC, GAMES and REWARDS which are mainly for entertainment and free stuff. In the games section you will find the Wave3section which you can join for free TCredits and MRP.


There are some amazing bargains to be picked up at the Auction Center where items can easily go for up to a staggering 90% off their retail price. Auctions are quite regular with various items such as the one featured in the screenshot below. You can also win CSAs and TCredits which come in large quantities. You can see what auctions are available by clicking on the “AUCTIONS” link. If there is one in progress then you can join in by clicking the “BID NOW” button or you can request to be reminded when one starts.

Each bid will cost one TCredit so it is recommended you buy a pack of them because the bigger the pack the cheaper each TCredit will cost you. Each bid will earn you five MRP which can be redeemed for purchases at the store. TCredits can be purchased here for a reasonable price. The screenshot below shows an example auction in progress.

In the top right hand corner you can see how many TCredits you have left with an option to quickly buy some more if you are running low. Clicking on the “BID NOW” button will place your bid and restart the timer to between 1-5 minutes. Once the timer reaches zero you will see messages telling you that the item is going once, going twice… If nobody else bids and you are the highest bidder then you will win the auction. You can learn more about the auction by clicking on the “How It Works” and “Tips For Winning” links in the top left hand corner. Here are some useful tips for playing.

Bidding at the start of an auction is a waste of TCredits as many players are bidding against you. Keep an eye on the Bid Log in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and wait until less people are bidding.

The auto-bidder can be used to carry on the bidding if you need to leave the computer during an auction but you have to be careful as you could lose a lot of TCredits.

Auctions can go on for ages so be prepared to be there for a considerable amount of time. Patience is the key to winning auctions. Use the auto-bidder if you need to leave the computer for a while.

Consider bidding for low-value items to start with. They are easier to win than the bigger items and it gives you the opportunity to practice your bidding strategies.


In the previous lesson you learned about Action VP and Sales VP. You need a combination of both to become a team leader and gain the extra benefits. For example you need to earn a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 2000 Sales VP and 1000 Action VP to become a Bronze Team Leader. Sales VP can be earned from your own purchases or your downline team and customer purchases.

Click on the “PRODUCTS” link and you will see a list of categories on the left hand side. Many of these categories will display a menu leading to sub-categories. Clicking on a category will list all the items found in that category. You can also use the search bar at the top to find items you are looking for. For an example I will show you how to purchase TCredits. Click on the “TCredits” link from the list of categories and you will be presented with the following page.

Clicking on the name of an item will give you more information on it or you can purchase the item by clicking on the “ADD TO CART” button. Each item you buy will earn you some Sales VP and you will earn commission if one of your PSAs or CSAs buys it. To learn more about what you get paid click here to go to the SFI Compensation Plan.


Each time you qualify as an EA after your first month you become an EA2. This qualifies you to receive two CSAs and shares in the Tripleclicks Pool. CSAs are Co-Sponsored Affiliates which means they have a main sponsor and a co-sponsor. To their main sponsor they are known as PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) and to their co-sponsor they are CSAs. As a co-sponsor you get a percentage of the commission generated from the purchases of your CSA. You will continue to receive two CSAs and shares in the Tripleclicks Pool for each month you qualify as an EA2. To learn more about becoming an EA click here.


You can easily qualify for EA2 status every month by purchasing items up to the value of 1500 VP but what happens if you forget one month? Once you are an EA2 you will get two CSAs a month which you keep but if you don’t qualify one month you will lose them all and they will get re-assigned to other affiliates. The best way to automatically re-qualify as an EA2 each month is to set up a standing order for items worth 1500 VP or more which will automatically re-qualify you on the 10th of each month.

The cheapest option to qualify as an EA is to subscribe to IAHBE. This contains a wealth of knowledge which will be valuable to your business. You can check out a free sample here. Another option is to purchase a TCredit Pack which can be used to purchase many items at the Tripleclicks store whenever you want them. I personally subscribe to this pack which gives me 125 TCredits a month which saves me a grand total of $16.25 To add an item to a standing order, just click on the green button.


A standing order requires a debit or credit card but there are other methods of payment such as PayPal which you can use to purchase items. You can also pay with MRP, TCredits and any commissions you have earned. Another popular payment method is to apply for a Tripleclicks Pre-Paid MasterCard which is useful for people who don’t have a credit card or PayPal account. For more information on creating a standing order in Tripleclicks click here.

Currently Tripleclicks do not inform you when you have received any sales but they will turn up on your TC Sales Report which you can access here or by selecting “My Reports/TC Sales Report” from the “My Acct” menu in your affiliate center. This report will also show you your own purchases as well as any purchases made by your CSAs. I recommend you check this report on a regular basis.

For other methods of making payments click here.


Whether you have a product of your own to sell or you just want to sell off a few unwanted items from your home Tripleclicks can help. As a member of Tripleclicks you get your own TConnect Center where you can add list items with descriptions and pictures along with a price of your choosing and it will be accessible to thousands of Tripleclicks customers once approved. The cost of selling an unwanted item is just one TCredit and it can be anything such as books, games, toys, computers etc… For more information on selling unwanted items click here. Items will be displayed for as long as you wish.

When you add your description you should provide as much information as possible. Consider what questions someone would ask if they were looking for a particular product. For example if you were looking for a book on gardening you may be looking for certain information, in which case you would mention what subjects your book on gardening teaches. You are allowed to add up to three screenshots of your product so make sure they look attractive. For example, for a computer game you could use the main picture of the game cover and another one of the game itself.


If you sell your own product or you are a retailer who buys and sells certain products then your best option is to become an ECA (E-Commerce Associate). As an ECA you can list your products for free on Tripleclicks and they will be displayed for as long as you wish. TripleClicks retains a nominal amount only when you make a sale. There are over one million affiliates in SFI promoting and selling Tripleclicks products in over 20,000 cities in over 190 countries so the benefits are great. You can apply for your free ECA account by clicking hereand your account will be approved soon. Note, you do not have to submit a website during the sign up process. This is optional.

Once your product is listed it becomes accessible to thousands of Tripleclicks customers as well as on blog websites of many SFI affiliates who choose to promote it. Tripleclicks take care of collecting the payments and will pay you your share once you inform them you have shipped the product. 

Each product listing displays various information such as a general description, a main screenshot, reviews of your product submitted by your customers, shipping information and returns and refunds. Customers also get to see how many VP and MRP they can earn when they buy the product. There is also a tab for SFI affiliates with information on how they can promote your product and benefit from it in the form of commission and Sales VP. Here is a screenshot of the SFI Affiliates section for Tcredits 125 pack.

TC I TCredit Pak (125 TCredits)

The SFI Affiliates are provided with two URLs. One is a direct link to your product and the other is a link to your TConnect page where customers can learn more about you and see all your products. You may not make as much money if your product is sold through an affiliate but you will get more sales which will turn out to be more beneficial to you.